Lockin Smart Lock X1

Faster Fingerprint Unlocking

Lightning-Fast Unlock with Fingerprint

  • Effortless unlocking

    Never worry about forgetting your keys again.

  • Lightning fast

    Open the door in less than one second.

  • Always Accessible

    Your phone can be stolen, your PIN forgotten, your key lost, but you'll never be without your fingerprint.

5 More Ways to Unlock

  • Lockin App

    Pair with the Lockin app to unlock or give temporary access to friends, pet-sitters, or Airbnb guests.

  • Use Your Voice

    Use Alexa and Google Assistant voice command to unlock.

  • Enter a PIN

    Feel free to create a temporary passcode for short-term guest or maintenence workers.

  • Auto-Unlock

    Auto-unlock opens the front door for you when your hands are tied.

  • Mechanical Key

    Use your mechanical key to unlock when your smart lock is out of power.

Door Position Detection

Lockin Smart Lock X1 can sense when the door is not shut correctly and alert you with an alarm.

Remote Access with Lockin App

  • Unlock your door remotely from anywhere using your connected phone.

  • Share remote front door access with friends and families by inviting them on the app or generating a temporary pin code for them.

  • Lockin Smart Lock X1 tells you when the door is open, who unlocked it, and how the door was unlocked.

Maximum Security
  • Fingerprint data is encrypted and only stored locally on your device.

  • A loud alarm will scare the intruder after 5 failed attempts. A notification will be sent to the owner immediately.

  • SOS mode allows you to contact the emergency contact in the case of an emergency.

Unmatched Durability

  • Whether hot summer days or cold winters, Lockin endures through the seasons.

  • IP65 keeps Lockin performant through during rainy days.

Engineered to Perform

  • Magnesium alloy for a sleek look and a sturdy unibody chasis.

  • Frictionless motor allows the lock to turn smoothly and quietly every time you lock or unlock your door.

15-Minute Installation

Installs in 15 minutes. with a single screwdriver tool. Lockin Smart Lock X1 is compatible with all single-cylinder deadbolt locks.