Open The Door
In Just One Step

No need to take your key with you!
Reader hidden inside, the door will open in just one step.

Temporary Access

You can make one-time password or periodic password
and send to your friends, cleaners, Airbnb clients etc.

C-Class Lock Cylinder

OJJ advanced straight insert cylinder design,
and the lock cylinder has reached the C-class
safety level.

Anti-Theft Mode

If password error 5 times,
fingerprint error 15 times or someone forces
pried your lock, OJJ will alarm via local
and mi-home app immediately.

Work with Mi-Home APP

Smart Linkage your home.
When you open the door other Mi-home smart
devices like Milight which can opens automatically.

* Linkage devices need to separately purchased bluetooth gateway .

Security Protection

OJJ built in Mi-home security chip,
which can achieve financial-grade security
protection. The security chip authenticates and
encrypts to ensure the security of data
transmission and interaction in the user's device .