Fingerprint Unlock
Passcode Unlock
Key Unlock
App Unlock

High Capacity
App Management
High Reliability
DOJ Certified
Safe and Quick Fingerprint Access
A user-friendly semiconductor fingerprint recognition module that works regardless if your hands are wet or dry and takes only 0.4 seconds*.
*Fingerprints are encrypted, stored locally and cannot be accessed remotely.
Big Storage Space
Interior dimensions: L11.22'' x W6.14'' x H2.80''
Exterior dimensions: L11.98'' x W10.12'' x H3.27''
High Level of Security
DOJ certified.A sturdy steel structure and a smooth scratch-resistant surface that provide lasting protection.
*The DOJ certification process involves a range of tests against lockpicking, tampering, drilling, sawing, and other destructive testing like atensile test, impact test, drop test and so on.
Easy and Hassle-Free Use
  • Manage fingerprint records:
  • Add or delete fingerprint records easily.
  • Manage passcode:
  • Add or delete your passcodes easily.
  • Gun safe status:
  • Access lock log, battery level and other information via App.
Beautiful Interior
Interior lighting that helps you find your items in the dark. The interior is lined with velvet and a high-density foam base to protect contents from scratches.
Portable and Durable
Can be placed directly on a flat surface or bolted down with two expansion bolts located at the bottom of the safe.
In the car
*Two expansion bolts included with delivery.
Remote Management
View and manage the safe remotely. You can send passcodes, view the lock log, and sound alarm.
Emergency key
If you forget your code, you can use it to unlock the gun safe. Please preserve your key in a safe place.
Take the Gun Easily
The safe is powered by 4 AA batteries that can last about 12 months.
High-Density foam base
Keep your gun without making a sound and prevent scratches.
The safe is powered by 4 AA batteries that can last about 12 months.
Silent Mode
Low Battery Reminder
Fingerprint Passcode Error Alarm
Type-C Charging
Technical Details
Ways to Unlock Safe:
Fingerprint, Passcode, Phone, Key
FAR: <1/200000, FRR: <2%. Save up to 20 fingerprints. Only stored locally
1-4 numerical keys, 8-12 digit passcodes. Save up to 50 passcodes
BLE 5.0
Power supply:
4 AA dry batteries / Type-C
Battery life:
12 months
Shell material:
Interior L11.22'' X W6.14'' X H2.80'' and exterior L11.98'' X W10.12'' X H3.27''
Place directly on flat surface / bolt down with expansion bolts
Items shipped:
-10℃ - 50℃
Operating temperature:
Gun safe, key*2, AA dry battery*4, expansion bolts*2, user manual